Fast & easy property listing

Fast & easy property listing

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How One Square View works

We provide a fresh approach to real estate. We promises to remove the stress involved in selling, renting / leasing your property. You could potentially save thousands marketing your home online with us, rather than using a traditional estate agent. Here’s how we do it:


Step 1

Take professional photos, floor plans, property details and for sale board.

Step 2

Create your property ad on One Square View. The approval process will be done within 48 hours.

Step 3

Once the property is approved it will be shown on our website to potential buyers or renters’.

Step 4

Potential buyers or renters or leases will contact you directly once the see a potential property they are interested in on the website.

Step 5

Schedule a meeting with the potential buyers or renters or leases to show them round your property.

Step 6

Obtain feedback from the potential buyers or renters or leases and negotiate the best price or rates.

Step 7

Instruct your legal advisers on both sides to enable them to commence work on the sale, rental or lease transaction.

Step 8

Click to post your ad now on One Square View. Post An Ad.